What size cake should I order?

Of course, serving sizes depend entirely on how you cut the cake!

Here are estimates of each size cake and how many people they have the potential to serve:



6'' 8-12 people

8'' 16-22 people

9'' 22-26 people

10'' 26-38 people



1/2: ~50 people

Full: ~100 people



6'' 9-18 people

8'' 20-32 people

10'' 30-50 people

How far in advance do I need to order?

I am open to taking last minute orders, and they are often possible as late as the night before! However, last minute orders are subject to a $25 dollar fee if made within 3 days of delivery date.

Can I order individual cupcakes?

Unfortunately, at this time cupcakes are available by the dozen only. Orders above 2 dozen, are also available by the half dozen.